I probably shouldn’t even write this next sentence since every time I speak it I literally see the lethargy set into peoples faces. Lol. But I promise it get’s more interesting!

So, I’ve been dipping into these “penny stocks” I’ve heard word about. For the past year, I’ve done my research, had some misconceptions and mistakes but then I found Stock Tips! Stalter has been on the money with his picks every single time and my shoe closet proves it! 🙂 BUT you still need to know when to pull out. Haha.


His pick this time is PGFL (Pingify Inc.) and he’s expecting the best outcome that I’ve seen so far! I suggest getting in. Now, I don’t get anything by sharing this info to you but thought that the people who do read my blog should get a little reward. 🙂

If you don’t already have a stock account, I use TradeKing. Low fees and very easy to use. You can download the app or go online. Again, not an affiliate (but I should be!). It takes a few days after your deposit (of at least $120) for you to be able to start trading so do it fast if you want to get in.

A Personal Stylist?!

I’m sure I’m not the only one that once I had kids my style went out the door along with my body. Well… I’m not sure if I was ever the most stylish person but I thought I looked good…

Our family jokes about being able to tell who dressed the kids that day. My husband has always been a “fashionista”, if you will. Me on the other hand,  it’s a good day if I am matching at all and an even better day if my kids are.

Now that my husband is gone back to work I have no one to tell me if my attire is publicly acceptable. Luckily I came across this a few days ago! Stitch Fix!

A Personal Online Stylist with customized preferences sent straight to your door. It’s only $20 and you can choose to send back or purchase the products they send. Can it get anymore convenient???? I love shopping but definetaly don’t have the time, let alone the energy. lol. They ask you questions like- size, style preferences, likes, dislikes, personality, kids, etc.

I get my first “fix” next week! Get yours here


I’m a Single Parent

I’m back to my single parent lifestyle and this has been the first time I don’t feel ready and am dreading it! No I’m not getting divorced. Ever!
Jeff has left for work. 6 hours away and the job could last until December… Luckily we have a week in Alaska to look forward to in July but I can’t seem to get excited about it. Maybe because I feel like it’s far away? Maybe because I know he’ll be gone right after that? Maybe because he just left 2 days ago? Lol
The worst part is him missing our babies growing and changing. I can’t seem to send him enough pics and videos!!
He seems to be making the best of it though, so somehow I need to do the same. Any suggestions?? #my300lb3yo


Healthy Corn Dip Recipe

I’ve always watched what I eat but have never been willing to go on a diet! I like food WAY too much and if food has no flavor but is healthy, then I don’t want to be healthy! Feel me?!

My husband and I have become “comfortable” though. We enjoy eating out and eating good…too good, sometimes. Which caused us to gain a few LBs.

So a few weeks ago we entered a 5k called ROC Race (do it!).


We had a blast but quickly realized how out of shape we were getting so we decided to go on a no drinking, “healthy” eating, workout binge. I say binge because at some point I needed to reward myself! In 2 weeks he lost about 8 lbs and I lost 5lbs. We started feeling more energized and stronger which has motivated us even more. 2 piece bikini here I come!

So the first and hardest step was going through our fridge to replace our frozen and unhealthy foods with TASTY healthy substitutes! For instance, instead of sour cream or ranch I use greek yogurt. (which means I use A LOT of greek yogurt 😉 )

Here is a revised recipe for one of our favorite snacks and go to party dips! Not only does it taste amazing but it is super easy!


4 cans of organic corn
1 bag of thick reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup of non fat regular greek yogurt (oikos is my favorite)
1 blog of light mayo
1/2 cup of chopped white onion (HEB has them already chopped or you can chop an onion yourself)
3-4 spoon fulls of diced pickled jalapenos (mt olive brand- because they are pretty mild)
3-4 spoon fulls of diced pimentos
1 package of ranch mix (optional)
garlic powder, salt, pepper (to taste)

Mix all ingredients together in large serving bowl. Refrigerate.
Serve chilled with Pita Chips, Tortilla Chips or Frito Scoops.

Personalize Your Backyard

Personalize your backyard for the summer while you’re spring cleaning! Too bad it was my husbands idea and I can’t take all the credit…cheers to him for this creative idea!

“As you are power washing your fence, place whatever spatula or stencil you want against the fence in a steady hand and spray it accordingly at your own leisure” – Jeff B. (the hubs)